More balance. More success. More intimacy. More freedom. More fun. More fulfillment.

How do you have more?

You "be" more.

You become more of who you are.


Because you possess a deep desire to experience your life more fully: work, play, love, health, money. Because you are ready to engage, experience, explore, expand, and evolve...your Self.

Kelly Grace Smith is a spiritual guide and teacher, a coach and partner. She has both the expertise and the experience to support you on your path with insight, intelligence, integrity, and inspiration.

She is not however, your leader, because you are not a follower.

Life is the guru. Life itself is the guru.

There is no "secret," no guru, no process, no program more potent - or more appropriate - from which you can create a more positive, powerful, and productive path to exponential growth and fulfillment than your own life.

"The work," as Kelly calls it, is a coming together of science and spirit - our humanness and our being ness - that supports you to create, or to continue to build, a life you love.

To have more, be more, become more.

It is not some so-called new age, airy-fairy ideology, nor is it some cold, intellectual "technology." It is about creating an effective and sustainable way of meeting the demands of a rapidly changing, increasingly challenging world.

It is about experiencing enjoyment, expansion, and fulfillment in your life...every day.

It is about your evolution.