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The Certainty of Intimacy: being more of you.
I. Certainty + Intimacy = Fulfillment.

The Certainty of Intimacy, part 2: Life is the guru
II. When you are fulfilled, you can build.

Redefining Relationship: love, acceptance, freedom.
I. What is relationship?

How to Make Love: spirituality, sex & the Self.
I. Making love as a pathway to personal evolution.

Energy: the science & spirit of you.
I. “Be the change you seek in the world.”

For Women & Men: the transformative ground of the goddess.
I. Make love, not war.

The Parenting Partnership: you & your child.
I. A holistic perspective on parenting.

Addiction Nation: we’re all addicts.
I. Recognizing, accepting, and embracing addiction.


"Mentor's Bouquet"

"Mentor's Bouquet" is an anthology of poems edited by nationally recognized writer Linda Leedy Schneider. It brings together the work of seven unique poets, diverse in style and background. The poets include a woman who has emerged from a coma after a brain injury, a special education teacher, a Manhattan artist, an attorney, a retired Marine aviator, a spiritual guide, and a college professor. Three poems, "brothers," "blue lotus II," and "tee shirt" by Kelly Grace Smith, a writer, spiritual guide and teacher, are included.

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AND SO WE DANCE is a collection of experiential, energetic love your Self, to your Other, to your God. It is a simple and beautiful - yet powerful and provocative - tool of personal evolution. Every rhythm and rhyme every stanza and line impacts the reader, provides an opportunity to experience insight, awareness, healing, release...authentic inner conversation. It is self-development in poetic form.

Buddhist imagery, Christian symmetry, and Islam's whirling dervish energy guides the reader - again and again - through their own energetic self-actualization process.

When picked up and read spontaneously and intuitively, individual poems can provide the reader "just what they need" in the moment. When read aloud and in sequence, the poems of AND SO WE DANCE can provide powerful insight, physical release, emotional shifts, and spiritual breakthrough...immediately.

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