What do people want?

Certainty. Intimacy. Fulfillment.


How do you have more?
You be more.
You become more of who you are.

Certainty requires knowing. True “knowing” for human beings is a function of complete experience. That is, you “know” something when you experience it – fully – through all aspects of your self: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. So without tangible, on-going, evolving life experiences, true knowing cannot develop.

Intimacy requires consciousness, openness, and a willingness connect - authentically and fully - to yourself. To do so you must find love, acceptance, and freedom…from within you. This gives birth to intimacy: with your self, with others, with our world, and with your God.

Certainty + Intimacy = Fulfillment.

What is fulfillment? Fulfillment is the inner foundation upon which you can build an ever-expanding life of empowerment, enjoyment, and interdependence; a life of on-going evolution. Knowing how to create, pursue, and sustain a life you love provides a clear pathway to authentic fulfillment.

Fulfillment = Evolution.

Why? Because when you are fulfilled...you can build. When you are fulfilled, you build upon a rock-solid foundation of learning, growth, and enjoyment; you freely and fully experience all aspects of your life. And this creates...evolution. Literally.

Evolution = changing the world.

How? It is simple physics. You are energy. When you expand the energy of who you are, it impacts everyone and everything around you. It is what Gandhi meant when he said, “be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Take on your own evolution and you change the world.

When you model for others what it is to be certain, intimate, and fulfilled - you become a living, breathing example of what is possible…for them, too. Think Jesus, the Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, Moses, Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., and many others. It was (or is) who they were being that changed the world.

Until now our evolution as human beings has always been a choice; we chose to learn, grow, mature, and evolve...or not.

Now however, we are experiencing an increasingly challenging and rapidly changing world…every day. A world in which the structures, institutions, and beliefs we have always relied upon – the market and Mother Nature, intimacy and information, truth and technology -  are deconstructing before our very eyes.

How can you meet this world? What can you do to expand and enjoy your more life fully, serve others with integrity, and impact the world more directly?

You can “be” more of you.
You can become more of who you are.
You can evolve.

The articles that follow will support you to meet the world more openly, enjoy your life more fully, and truly serve others well.

All eight articles in this section can be read and enjoyed individually. If however, you read the articles in the order they are presented,* this will provide you with a more complete, comprehensive, and expansive experience of the work on this site.

No matter how you choose to experience them, please prepare...as these articles may launch you on a journey into inner space; a journey of experience, exploration, expansion, and evolution. A journey that begins...within you.

Read and enjoy…

(*Order of Articles: The Certainty of Intimacy Part 1 and 2, Redefining Relationship, How to Make Love, Energy, For Women & Men, The Parenting Partnership, and Addiction Nation.)