being more of you

…is a contemporary, contemplative advice column that gives you “out-of-the-box” perspectives from Kelly Grace Smith on intimacy, sexuality, love, money, relationship, work, play…and the evolution of your Self.

Kelly Grace Smith is a certified coach, mentor, teacher, poet, and self-help writer. In “being more of you” everything from intimacy, energy, and parenting - to addiction, mastery, and sexuality - goes under the microscope to see if our present paradigms, beliefs, and institutions are serving us well and what energy dynamics and awarness can offer us toward deeper understanding. Also, what the nature of the sacred, the nature of existence, and the nature of knowledge itself can provide as illumination, insight, and inspiration. 

The goal?


More fulfillment, more expansion, more enjoyment, and more Self-expression.

To have more, be more, become more…of who you are. 

Your Questions:

dear kgs... I know I've chosen the right career for me because I love what I do. However, I'm still struggling to make enough money and it would seem that if my career were truly right, my finances would be flowing. What can I do to experience more ease in my financial life? (answer)

dear kgs... I'm a thinking person, but I tend to get caught up in analysis, which leads to paralysis, and I'm told I think too much. For someone in my mental body, what can I do to bring myself back into balance and integration? (answer)

dear kgs... I am expecting my first child this winter. How do I prepare for the emotional challenges of motherhood when I lacked nurturing and reliable role models growing up? (answer)

dear kgs... Sometimes I feel like my spouse and I are on a different wavelength, or it's difficult for us to communicate. And other times, it seems like we're the perfect couple. Knowing that we will never be perfectly compatible, but we love each other, how do we build on the strengths, while overcoming the weaknesses of our relationship? (answer)