Energy: the science & spirit of you.

“Be the change you seek in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

Do you want to experience more love, intimacy, health, wealth, and fulfillment in your life?
Do you want to enjoy deep, intimate, expansive self-expression?
Do you want to become more of who you are?

You can. It is simple, but not always easy. It will take some time and some energy. However, it can be done. You can become more of who you are; you can literally evolve as a human being.

You can bring together the “science” of you and the “spirit” of you to create, generate, and sustain a life you love. This serves you, your goals, your God, and humanity.


Because believe it or not, our evolution as human beings is inextricably linked to our happiness, our well-being, and our fulfillment.

I don’t mean that we evolve as a result of some airy-fairy, fa-la-la, fundamentalist, narcissistic, or no-responsibilities attitude. I mean that we evolve as a result of pursuing our growth, our balance, our well-being, and our fulfillment. We evolve as a direct result of becoming more of who we are.

Where do I begin?

First, you have to want it.  Just want it. You want to learn, grow, and evolve.

“Wanting” has gotten a bit of a bad name, but “wanting” is a very powerful energy. In fact, if you don’t pursue what you want, what you want will pursue you. Seriously! It has to do with your conscious and your unconscious mind.

The point is, all you need to “do” to pursue the expansion of you, is know what you want and then pursue it. Ah yes, but that’s often the glitch, isn’t it…knowing what you want?  If you want what I’ve outlined above, if you’re ready to play full-out, then read on. The science of you – energy - is where we begin.

You are energy. You are composed of energy. Like the chair you are sitting on or the computer screen you are looking at - from a physics perspective - you are energy. Poem

Your energy is unique, unlike anyone else’s on the planet. The energies of your mother and father - and their mothers and fathers - all came together with sexual and creative energy and created you.

It is the energy of you that composes your electro-magnetic field. That is, there is an electro-magnetic field of energy that emanates from you - generated from within you - and it powerfully affects who, how, and what you experience in your life. Essentially, your electro-magnetic field is composed of electro, or electric energy, which is generated by your emotions. It is also composed of magnetic energy, which is generated by your thoughts.

So basically, your emotions and your thoughts compose the energy of your electro-magnetic field (heretofore EMF). That energy is the “science” – the physics – of you.

What does this have to do with creating a life I love?

Well, everywhere you go, so goes your EMF. When you walk into a room, regardless of whether you speak to anyone - or even make eye contact - your EMF is automatically reacting and responding to the other energies in that room. So, whether you are conscious of it or not, you are always having an energetic “experience.” And your life – the reality and the quality of your life – is based upon those experiences.

The energy of your thoughts magnetizes people to you…or not. Likewise, your emotions resonate an electric-like energy that will either resonate with others…or not. Basically, your EMF determines who you are drawn to, who you are repelled by, and what opportunities and experiences you step into…or not.

Within your EMF are all your thoughts and emotions, beliefs and illusions, paradigms and perceptions. So in essence, you will be drawn to – attracted to – people and experiences that will perpetuate your already existing beliefs, patterns, perceptions, opinions, habits, etc.

Is that a “bad” thing? No, not necessarily, but it can be very limiting. If you want to learn and grow – and resolve what’s not working in your life - you will need to be able to move beyond the patterns, perceptions, habits, and beliefs that are limiting you right now.

So, how do you change the beliefs – habits, patterns, illusions, attachments – that are limiting you? You shift the energy of you; you shift the “physics” of you.


Let me put it another way, you change your life by becoming what you want. You become the change you seek.

Mahatma Gandhi said it best,  you “be the change you seek in the world.” That is, rather than seeking what you want from outside of you, you seek what you want from within you.  When you change who you are from within you – the energy of you – you also change the very nature of the people, experiences, and opportunities you will encounter in your life.

How can I begin to do that?

Awareness. You choose to become fully awake and aware…every day. This supports you to develop clear, accurate, and evolving consciousness.

Connection. You deepen your ability to create a clear and consistent connection to yourself; an authentic inner connection that cuts through the daily clutter of mind, media, marketing, and technology.

Experience. Experience is the vehicle of your evolution. Only tangible, grounded life experiences can provide you with learning, growth, maturity, and genuine enlightenment. When you allow yourself to experience your life more fully, “complete experience” is facilitated; complete experience is the gateway to authentic evolution.

Balance. You learn to balance all aspects of you – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – every day; this empowers you to enjoy your life more fully, serve others well, and to develop a rock-solid foundation of clarity, certainty, intimacy, and fulfillment.

Consciousness. Awareness, connection, experience, and balance create an open door between your conscious and your unconscious mind; between what you see and know - and what you do not see and know - that is limiting or obstructing you.

Creation. You are then able to access the inner wisdom, creativity, and innovation - the ideas, resolutions, and solutions - that already exist within you.

This is how you tap into the depth and breadth of the “energy” of who you are…the more of who you are. This is how you access the wisdom, creativity, and innovation that already lay within you.  This is how you expand and deepen your connection to yourself, your goals, your God, and humanity.

This is how you evolve as a human being.

As I wrote earlier, our evolution as human beings is inextricably tied to our happiness, our balance, our well-being, and our fulfillment. When we begin to experience our life more freely and fully - through awareness, connection, experience, balance, consciousness, and creation – we are engaging in the actual process of evolution.


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