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All services offered by Kelly Grace Smith are a combination of leadership coaching practices, energy dynamics, higher consciousness perspectives, and transpersonal psychology. Please contact kelly grace smith directly >


private sessions: $75.00 • $95.00 • $125.00 • $200.00
session packages, small group, mentorship & mastery sessions:

priced on an individual basis

sliding scale and pay it forward payment options are also available.
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energy readings

60-minute experiential energy/coaching sessions that support you to:


Work one-on-one for one session, or a series of sessions.

individual coaching

Individual coaching is a one-on-one life coaching session.

quantum coaching

Quantum coaching is an accelerated energetic session that is bold, direct, specific, and covers a depth and breadth of issues, depending upon your specific goals and the energy dynamics present for you.

mentoring and mastery coaching

Mastery coaching/mentoring is specifically geared for individuals committed to an on-going path of mentoring and/or mastery. (Mentoring and Mastery coaching is specifically recommended for anyone in the healing, therapeutic, energy, and/or metaphysical professions.)

group coaching

Group Coaching sessions not only help cut costs, but make use of the group energy dynamic to create a strong support network and an accelerated growth path. Group coaching sessions are centered on a specific goal, project, and/or purpose that group members are pursuing as individuals and also as a group.

redefining relationship

For couples (or any partnership - personal or business) seeking greater intimacy, partnership, honesty, enjoyment, and fulfillment within their relationship. Working directly with Kelly Grace Smith you will co-create and effectuate new agreements that embody your individual and shared values, dreams, boundaries, and goals.

These agreements:

the parenting partnership

This is about redefining the parent-child relationship as one of mutual acceptance, respect, and personal growth and development. Let's face it, children are our built-in personal growth and development vehicles. So, why not make the most of that for you and with your child?

This is not about being your child's "bff" or buddy. But it is about walking your talk...for your Self and with your child.

When you authentically model for your child....

...they have the greatest opportunity to see, feel, learn, and experience this with you.

Children, like all of us, learn best from what they see and experience, rather than what they are told. Children learn best from "who you are being," not what you are doing or even what you are saying.

Working with Kelly Grace Smith you will create agreements as the basis for your new "partnership" with your child. These agreements will serve as a guide for the personal growth and development of each of you as individuals and as an everyday support for your relationship as parent and child. You will also work specifically on how you can clearly - and creatively - communicate, negotiate, and effectuate these agreements with your child, no matter what their age. (One or both parents may participate in this process.)

the 30-day sex experience

This simple but powerful 30-day program is for couples or individuals. It is created by you and Kelly Grace Smith and is intended to deepen and expand your intimacy with you - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually - and also with a partner, if you are in a partnership relationship. It provides breakthroughs at all levels and will provide you with on-going growth and development long after the 30 days has concluded. It is one of the most loving, intimate, and powerful experiences you may ever have.

making love to your money- the 30-day experience

What do love, sex, play, and intimacy have to do with money? Everything. This powerful, provocative, paradigm-shifting course will provide you with the tools to experience, expand, and enjoy your life even when faced with financial challenge or crisis. This course is guaranteed to provide you with breakthrough tools you will use for a lifetime with money, love, sex, intimacy, and play.

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energy work

*These services are often confidential in nature, if you are interested in any of these specific services and would like to know more, please contact kelly grace smith > to schedule a free, completely confidential 15-minute consultation to see if any of these services may assist you.