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How can you meet your life with certainty, intimacy, enjoyment, and fulfillment?

You can evolve.

How can you meet our rapidly changing, increasingly challenging world with clarity, creativity, and innovation?

You can become more of you.

What is happening in – and within – our world is a direct reflection of who we are and where we are as individuals. In effect, who we are being actually creates what we see occurring in the world.

When the science of you and the spirit of you come together…powerful, practical, and innovative life solutions are created. “In Evolution – being more of you” email messages support you to see the solutions that will enrich and expand your life, support your evolution as a human being, and create the change you seek in the world.

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how do you evolve?

In much the same way you become a skillful athlete or a good cook; in the same way you become proficient at anything:

  1. You choose it; you choose to learn and grow…every day.

  2. You recognize, accept, and embrace all of who you are.

  3. You become more conscious. More awake and aware.

  4. You open yourself to experience your life more fully.

  5. You clarify what you value and then you create your life each day from what you value.

  6. You seek the tools, processes, and practices that are in alignment with your values.

  7. You seek guidance and assistance from those who are genuinely evolved; those who empower you to lead yourself, not those who require you to become a follower.

  8. You practice, practice, practice.

  9. You learn how to resolve what’s not working in your life; thus you make room for what works better.

  10. You stop judging you. Judgment always keeps you stuck.

  11. You learn how to allow all of your experiences - including mistakes and failures - to become opportunities.

  12. You learn how to love you well - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually - every day. This serves you, your goals, your God,* and humanity.

The work of Kelly Grace Smith is the meeting ground of science and spirituality. It is a process of growth and development unlike any other.

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(*All articles are copyright © 2016 kelly grace smith all rights reserved.)

*God, Great Spirit, Universe, Krishna, Allah, Jesus, the Buddha; whomever or whatever “God” is for you.