QUESTION: I know I've chosen the right career for me because I love what I do. However, I'm still struggling to make enough money and it would seem that if my career were truly right, my finances would be flowing. What can I do to experience more ease in my financial life?

Dear Career Questioner:

Good for you, you love what you do! I can't say enough about the value of doing what you love. When you do what you love, it is an enormous vehicle for engaging, experiencing, exploring, expanding, and evolving you.

So, you love what you do, but it's not providing the income you seek. There are several factors involved with this - timing, focus, energy, the economy, etc. - but I will cut to the core of the matter. That is, I will go to what lies beneath this issue at the very center of who you are. And this is true for all of us...

Spiritually speaking money is always about self-worth. That is, issues with money always have to do with your core beliefs about your self-worth. So no matter how hard you work, no matter how many opportunities come your way, etc., if you do not believe you are worthy of financial ease and abundance, obstacles will remain.

By the way, the same is also true of love. If you do not, at your core, believe you are worthy of matter whom you meet, who you fall in love with, how extraordinary they are, unless you believe you are worthy of that love, you will eventually subconsciously sabotage that love.

It has to do with the subconscious mind and the "programs" it runs on a continuous unconscious loop, unless you choose to get conscious. Those "programs" are composed of the beliefs, illusions, patterns, dysfunctions, etc., you hold in your emotional and mental bodies in the form of unresolved energy.

Energetically speaking, it also has to do with your chakras; whether or not you are predominantly operating from the three base chakras, or you have evolved to the point that you manage your energies, rather than your energies managing you.

In other words, are you still operating primarily from fear and power or from love?

I don't mean airy-fairy, namby-pamby, love-conquers-all love. I mean the energy of love itself. That is, the energy of love that energetically - "physic-ally" - emanates directly from your heart. This form of love, a love of a higher consciousness, is beyond biology and mass consciousness.

So how do you get at those subconscious mind beliefs? There are many, many ways to do this, not all of them safe or recommended. And while some technologies or techniques are helpful, some practitioners are not. So, choose someone with whom you want to explore this - whether they are a therapist, healer, body worker, coach, shaman, acupuncturist, psychiatrist, guru, or cleric - with the same care you would choose a surgeon. Subconscious work (any form of energy work) is deep, intimate, and life changing; always be careful whom you choose to work with in this way.

(I offer subconscious mind/inner child work and/or I am happy to make recommendations, just contact me >)

Of course, you can just begin with your Self. In my experience, the best way to begin to unearth the subconscious mind patterns and beliefs that may be limiting you, is simply to learn to love your Self well.


Yup. The very best - and most "complete" way - to uncover what is not working in your life is to learn to love you well. In other words, what deprograms the subconscious mind most effectively, is you loving you.

(You can read more about this on this site at "Mastery: the quantum path to your heart.")

No guru, no program, no "secret" is needed; just you learning to love you well. I know it sounds too simple, too obvious, too unsophisticated. That's the genius of it. Anything of authentic spiritual truth is always simple. If it's not simple, you have filters, illusions, false beliefs in the way.

Truly, it is simple, but it may not be easy. Try it for 30 days. Love you well every day; experience your discomfort, take good care of you, face your fears, speak the truth, avoid bad habits, be truly intimate with your Self and others, communicate openly, express your Self freely. This is what loving you well is all about.

Just try it for 30 days, it will be one of the greatest challenges you ever face, I guarantee it. Anyway, you get my point!

Learning to love you well - without gurus or gadgets, suffering or struggle, manipulation or control, technologies or techniques - is the most challenging pathway of personal development. Why?

First, because your subconscious mind is conditioned to believe some form of suffering is the pathway to success and happiness. So, loving you well discombobulates that ingrained "program." Second, most if not all of our societal structures and institutions reinforce that belief.

Lastly, when it's about loving you well, there is no middle man. You are not using anyone or anything as a buffer between you and the ultimate truth of you. It's just you, with you. No attachments, no addictions, no barriers, no buffers, no bypass. This is the deepest level of intimacy and personal development.

It brings you in touch with your Self. And that's exactly where you need to be to develop the self-love, self-acceptance, self-respect and self-trust that will reprogram your subconscious mind patterns and resolve your unresolved Emotional and Mental body energies. This, in turn, powerfully supports you to see - and create - the opportunities that will produce, sustain, and expand the financial benefits you seek, doing the work you love.

(This also works for love, too, by the way!)

Let's take a quick look at some public figures that embody what I am talking about.

Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world, acknowledges that he spends most of his work day reading. Just reading. From that reading he observes trends, patterns, and the endless idiosyncrasies of human behavior. No big staff, no endless meetings. No texting and tweeting, or jetting about the country. That's how one of the richest men in the world performs his work. Warren Buffet has enormous self-trust, among other wonderful qualities.

Speaking of performing, Elton John was once asked how long it took him to write one of his most beloved songs, "Candle in the Wind." Chagrined, he explained that many of his most popular songs only took him 20-30 minutes to write. Elton John has always had enormous talent, but I'm willing to bet self-acceptance has propelled him to the heights of success, longevity - and personal happiness - that he now experiences.

While she may not be everybody's favorite, Hillary Clinton undoubtedly has self-respect. Say what you want about her, she respects her Self and sustains her belief in her Self in times of great adversity. When she considered a run for President in 2004, many believed she had a strong chance of winning. In the end however, she chose to stand by her pledge to New York's citizens and serve her full term as Senator. And of course, in her role as Secretary of State, Clinton has deepened not only her own self-respect, but also the respect of the nation and of the world.

All of these figures embody self-love. Why? Because you cannot possess self-trust, self-acceptance, and self-respect without a love of your Self. It is the foundation upon which everything else is built.

So Career Questioner, what is there to do? Simply begin.

Begin in whatever way you choose, with whomever you choose to support you to learn to love you well. This challenge will unlock the door to your subconscious and put you on a path of self-knowledge and self-love that will, I promise, provide you the financial abundance you seek doing the work you love.