journey II*
kelly grace smith

We play games of love and lust; tenderly teasing, testing

We laugh, love, learn; gently guide
one another.

We lay in a bed of our own making; silently soothe
one another’s soul.

We move, merge, make love; with an innocence
known only to children.

Ours is a journey of joy; of love, acceptance,

A womb of truth and beauty in which the self
is born again.

A flight into the fullness of who we are; seeing and being
more and more
of ourselves.

We dig a deep well of love and devotion; fill it with the ache
to empty into one another.

We move mountains to stay together; to remain separate,
yet as one.

It is a passage of passion, power and pain;
everything to lose,
everything to gain.

A free fall off the edge of the earth.

Together we hurtle, headlong
toward heaven.

*From the collection, “And so we dance.”