refuge III*
kelly grace smith

Take refuge in me.
Fold your self into the seat of my soul and
let go.

Lean into me.
Fall into the familiarity of my

See me.
I have known your shame, felt your pain, and been born
to fly again.

Know me.
I want to see you, hold you, know you, but not
to own you.

Feel me -
the humility of my heart, the transcendence
of my soul.

Trust me.
Trust the moment, the mystery, and the magnificence
of all that is.

Believe me.
Believe that you and I are one, always
and everywhere.

Take refuge in me.

I am the guide,
the God,
the master,
the maker,
and the creator.

And so
are you.

Take refuge in me as I have
in you.

*From the collection, “And so we dance.”